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living in a fairytale
not knowing whether it is reality or just my dreams
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reborn: squalo & bel ❥shiawase~
Okay, since a few people in the chat have expressed an interest in learning how to icon in each other's style, here is a tutorial on how to colour/icon Kaga's way. |D Nothing fancy really. I basically learnt a few basic tools and stuck by them. X3;;

✔ Messy colouring is messy. OCD on my side apparently only applies to rp.
✔ Lack of editing and coherency on Kaga's side.
Fail explanation.

Basically. Imma going to explain how I turn...

Cut for a lot of images and Kaga's horrid explanationCollapse )

If there is any steps above that you do not understand, or needs further elaboration, do poke me about it? I am more than happy to help. Also, if you want the .psd file, poke me as well. :D
18th-Apr-2008 04:49 pm - Reborn icons
reborn: haru ❥ yaoi fangirl
Animated icons has eaten my life =A=;; Combining it with my current obsession of Reborn... ~_~

Basically, I iconned the hell out of the Reborn! clips I've found.

Reborn icons ahoy! ^^;;;Collapse )
25th-Jul-2007 08:51 pm - I live... rly.
reborn: squalo & bel ❥shiawase~
I are PWNed by work. Nuff said x_x

Posted here as a reminder to edit and post it on Mikami's journal. Do tell me if you spot any mistakes or inconsistencies/braindead moments. I will be most grateful~♥

Death Note: Mikami Teru - A character analysisCollapse )
12th-Apr-2007 03:41 pm(no subject)
reborn: squalo & bel ❥shiawase~
... not only do you have to stand me littering the place with my Cain icons in polychromatic, but also in my journal now >D I know he does not match my current layout, but meh, I can't code to save my life... and he is was too tempting. Thank goodness I only have 6 icon space to fill up Anyway, I seldom get to use his 'Crusnik' icons in polychromatic since he is a total kitten there -_-

Using Trinity Blood theme for my icons looks tempting, but my icon skills = zilch... and I would so use sakurahoshi's icons, except we will both end up having the same ones X3 That said, you should check out her icon journal AJ and Sian~ She has great TB icons :D

Do any of you happen to have anime screencaps of Cain? I am missing the last 4 episodes where he is supposed to appear and whatever screencaps I could find of him is kinda sucky. I promise to love you forever T_T

Oh, Trinity Blood, can I have my life back please?

Things to do;
- Fill up the last 2 icon spaces
- Find for some girlier icons to match layout
- Make MOAR icons for Isaak [dermagier] @ heavenislost & Esther Blanchett [innocent_ly] @ polychromatic
- Make up mind whether to color Raphael's manga icons or not
- Finish application for Cain for heavenislost
- Find out how to prettify that darn wikiticle for Isaak
- Photoshop pictures for Isaak for the rp's wikiticle... and ask whether AJ and Sian want any help (AJ? Sian?)
- Finish Raphael and Cirucci's log before it touches 10 pages on Words (How does two sexually promiscuous people talk so much? D:)
- Write up self introduction post for lj
- Make a banner thingy
- Ponder whether there is still time to join the animax competition (40-50 pages by May) But the winner gets moolah and the winner would have their stuff made into an anime
12th-Apr-2007 11:34 am - Random quiz post
reborn: squalo & bel ❥shiawase~
:D;; I couldn't resist. It has been a long time since I've done any... but how did I manage to tie between Seishirou and Chii? ._. I see no similarities in personality.

Because it is too damn hugeCollapse )

[EDIT] Strange, it seems that I am not getting any notifications from my journal >.>;;
28th-Mar-2007 11:57 am(no subject)
reborn: squalo & bel ❥shiawase~
Amusing things only occur when you are trying to finish an application X3

Cut for those who don't know the Trinity Blood fandom, spoilers and manbitsCollapse )

That said, I still have half an application to finish... and the deadline is tomorrow XO
20th-Mar-2007 05:57 pm(no subject)
reborn: squalo & bel ❥shiawase~
Just because I couldn't resist, you guys get a link to crack :D

Kingdom Hearts does Far far Away Idol meets Shrek 2

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